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Oaxaca - Part 1

Oaxaca - Part 1

Oaxaca - Part 1

After another packed day of travelling, we touched down in Oaxaca where we were mesmerized by the city’s outburst of culture with vibrant buildings, clothes and unique outdoor sculptures. It was clear the city was full of history and influence from Spanish conquistadors and the indigenous Zapotecs people of Southern Mexico. 

Almost immediately upon arrival, we headed to one of many rooftop bars where we were able to experience the local cuisine and creative mezcal cocktails before meeting Adrian’s mum and family friend.

From there, we headed to our hotel, La Casa Del Sontano, which from the outside looked like nothing, but inside you were immediately greeted by traditional Spanish architecture and an indoor garden with water features. 

Overwhelmed (in a good way) by the city’s strong culture, we decided to hire a private tour guide and van so we could explore the wider region of Oaxaca. We first visited the El Tule, the home of the oldest cypress tree in the world and Hiere de Agua which is Spanish for ‘the water boils’ which are natural rock formations filled with water from underground springs. 

We then took a break at a Mexican buffet restaurant which in itself was unlike anything we had seen or experienced before heading back on tour and visiting San Pablo Village. Here, we saw ancient Zapotec ruins with a Catholic Church on top and Tecutlan for a demonstration of local textile manufacturing. We then ended the day right with our final stop at a mezcal distillery. 

We returned back to the hotel and prepared ourselves for a big last day in Oaxaca city.